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Welcome to Idiotpedia,
the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can go insane.
178 articles in English

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PlayStation 6 will be the final station that you play in a series of playing stations produced by a little known family business called Sony. It will contain technology so revolutionary that only people who are spinning around can understand it. Socially it will completely change how boys and unemployed men spend time together. It will be so hi-tec that only children will fully understand its complexities. It will run on ten hydrogen fuel cells smaller than a smartie, but which will never melt in your hands. PS6 will happen at a time when human history is not at its kindest as every once in a while Earth people can be just a little batshit-insane. It will however help a lot of sad people who want to have a fun, being heros, playing pointless games, with people they have never met, and don't even like very much. }}

Did you know...

  • ... that you have schizophrenia and we're talking about you right now?
  • ... that you're more likely to get struck by lightning twice than to discard an irrational fear based on a statistic like this one?
  • ... that food is probably the most addictive substance known to man? Withdrawal symptoms include nausea, hallucinations and possibly death?
  • ... that, despite the invention of the doorbell, knock-knock jokes have yet to be replaced by ding-dong jokes?
  • ... that there is no other word for thesaurus?
  • ... that in order to complete the video game World of Warcraft, over one cubic mile of animals must be clicked?
  • ... that the road to hell is identical to the stairs to heaven, but with elevator music and traffic?

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Trump impeached, Christmas cancelled
"I'm getting nuttin' for Christmas," Trump laments.

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