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Welcome, woeful reader, to

The IdiotScripts Project

Your personal Shakspearian folio of humor, love, woe and other silly emotions

Welcome to IdiotScripts

IdiotScripts is Idiotpedia's compendium of (potentially) humorous scripts, screenplays, stageplays and other singthings written by our cadre of unemployed playwrights and writers. Also, please check out the theatre portal, since we are nothing if not redundant.

Write a Script

If you have a genius idea swimming in your head that just needs to be free, instead of calling your Hollywood agent, please consider writing something here.

Your work will be automagically included in our list of newest scripts.

Helpful templates

While not necessary, some templates can be useful to give your work that sexy sheen of professionalism.

Other creative outlets

IdiotBooks — Practice your prose for when you write your way out of whatever hole you're living in now with that great novel of yours

IdiotPoetia — Poetry for people who slept through English class during that lecture on Alfred Lord Tennyson, seriously his shit just puts me to sleep

IdiotTunes — Not only bad, but uniquely bad

Playwright of the Month

The Playwright of the Month Award is given to the best playwright each month for their skills in writing, wordsmithing and punnery. As of September 27, 2021, nominations are closed indefinitely, since all the playwrights on this site have since gone on to have wildly successful careers in movies and television. It's like that movie, Don't Think Twice, except for real.

Current PoTM (May 2011)

Ljlego has the dubious distinction of being the last user declared Playwright par excellence before the whole award was shoved into a corner and forgotten, which means, like Kim Il-sung, he is also Eternal Playwright. Congratulations.

Featured IdiotScripts

We feature some of our finest work here, to hide the larger pile of dung hiding behind it.

IdiotScripts:Films of Waves Accompanied by a Breathy Voice-over to be shown at Modern Art Galleries

A work of unparalleled parodic pretension. Words that weep like a tide, wrinkled like the pages of an overused thesaurus. (Pictured)


Michael Fassbender can hit my back walls anytime.

IdiotScripts:Average Cop

A modern classic, a deconstructionist tour de force. Average Cop is like Training Day except better, since Ethan Hawke is nowhere in it.

Other Projects

Idiotpedia is hosted by Idiotmedia Foundation, a non-profitable organization that also hosts a range of other projects as well as some foreign language Idiotpedias and Randompedia.