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The policies and guidelines of Idiotpedia are spread out over dozens of poorly written and poorly organized pages, most of which are crude and/or inscrutable attempts at humor. This is an attempt to list the less unimportant policies in one page. Feel free to add policies you feel have been left out. Please note that many of the "rules" are vague, unhelpful, contradictory, outdated, completely ignored, and may even break a few laws. The only rule you really need to follow is: Don't be a dick.


  1. Be funny and not just stupid — see Idiotpedia:How To Be Satire And Not Just Stupid
  2. Don't be a dick — see Idiotpedia:Behavior and Idiotpedia:Don't be a dick
  3. Dance like you've never danced before! — see Idiotpedia:Dance like you've never danced before and User:Shabidoo/List of dances

Idiotpedia:Five pliers

  1. Idiotpedia is an anti-encyclopædia — see Idiotpedia:About
  2. Idiotpedia uses the "Satirical point of view" — see Idiotpedia:Satirical point of view
  3. Idiotpedia is content-free — see Idiotpedia:Copyrights
  4. Be civil and constructive — see Idiotpedia:Civility
  5. Praise Sophia — see Sophia, sorry this is 100% thirst and not surrealist at all, how disappointing

Idiotpedia:Beginner's Guide

This list covers policy pages which are part of the beginner's guide, for some stupid reason.


See Category:Ignorable policies for all policy pages that someone bothered to categorize. Please note that many of the policies may simply be mislabelled essays done by whinging admins to express their feelings of saltiness as an overbearing lecture.



Identity crisis



Helpful essays

Essays aren't considered policies and aren't binding at all, not that the policies were either, but still. See Category:Idiotpedia essays for more admin whining

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